Specialized in Plastic Surgery after Weight Loss

Dr Alejandro Galvez

With two surgical specialties in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery and general digestive and endocrine surgery, Dr Galvez focuses his practice in the individuality of each case and a commitment to quality and care.



You only have to worry about booking your flights. Our transport team will take care of the rest. We will pick you up from San Diego California USA or Tijuana México

Medical Staff

Certified Plastic Surgeons, Risk assessment performed by Internal Medicine Dr. Daily Post Op visits by Physician and 24/7 nursing care.

Post op

Valet Service, 24/7 Nursing Care, Transportation, Netflix, Cable TV, Breakfast Buffet, Lunch and Dinner meals, Daily visits by Physician and much more.

Best Care

At BC Plastics we’re committed to provide you with the Best Plastic Surgeons possible, Modern Hospital facilities,  one of a kind after care, and our commitment to putting your safety first.

Dr Alex Galvez

Determined to provide the Best Plastic Surgery Solutions and Care, as well as an all inclusive worry free package for Medical Tourism in Tijuana México, Dr Galvez partners with BC Plastics Coordinating team to provide you with transportation from Airport or Hotel, Hospital Stay, 24/7 Nursing Care, and of course, Plastic Surgery.

From tip to toe

Body Contouring

Despite efforts to obtain the ideal figure, often stubborn fat deposits may be difficult to eliminate even for most disciplined patients. Also, with time the effects of gravity, extreme weight loss, pregnancy or aging may cause skin to lose its elastic properties, giving way to flabby or saggy skin, which will not return to its original condition.


For tonification

High Def Procedures

High Definition Tummy tuck and High Definition Liposculpting intended for men and women. Remove the excess fat and show a much more athletic and muscular figure by removing fat in problem areas while at the same time exposing and highlighting important muscle groups in the body to create natural contours.


For that extra confidence

Facial procedures

We cannot overemphasize the importance a rested and healthy face has on the overall self-confidence of an individual. One of the goals of our practice is restoring a youthful, balanced and natural look to the face through a series of meticulously calculated procedures, designed to conceal scars in unapparent areas.


What our patients say

Patient testimonials

It’s always the word of mouth that’s the best advice.

The Doctors at BC Plastics are the best. They were very caring and compassionate. The whole staff from the front office who I dealt with a lot to the valets who took care of personal needs to the wonderful nursing care. I went by myself and I never felt alone. I highly recommended Drs Galvez and Sanchez to ANYONE wanting personal and top notch care.

Nora Kemper

After much research and talking to actual patients, I chose Dr. Galvez and Dr. Sanchez to perform my reconstructive plastic surgery after massive weight loss. Both doctors listened and gave me honest feedback and recommendations about what to have done and realistic expectations of my outcomes. Post surgical care at the hotel was far superior to anything I have experienced in Massachusetts, USA. Before traveling home, I was cleared by both doctors to fly. The after care, done primarily via email, was comprehensive and responsive. I highly recommend this team!

Allison C,
Massachusetts USA

Dr. Galvez is the the most talented Plastic Surgeon with great bedside manner that is very comforting. He takes the time to listen and capture what you’re looking for with outstanding results. After losing 230 pounds naturally, Dr. Galvez put me back together and following his aftercare instructions to a tee, the results speak for themselves. He is a true Artist and I will be going back to him for any and all procedures. Hands down, Dr. Galvez and his team are the most talented, genuine, caring and humble team making patient safey the priority.

Noelle D

To Dr. Alejandro Galvez and Dr. Javier Sanchez Aldaco, you have the most amazing staff. I was able to take photos with almost everyone but I think I am missing Leti. They are the most caring and positive group of people I have met. They are always so professional and trying to make your stay the best. They are taking care of us even when is 2am and we want to sleep or when we are begging please do not put that horrible shot or when we want popcorn at 9pm!!!

Bianca C






2311 Diego Rivera
Tijuana, BC, MX